Comments – or the lack of them

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Today, like many other days of late, has seen a few individuals post large numbers of comments on the blog, many of them demanding answers, most of which have already been provided many times before on this site, which they cannot be bothered to search for.

Other comments have simply required deletion because they have added nothing to debate.

There are also, of course, a few commentators whose presence I appreciate, and who have added pertinent, insightful, and relevant contribution. I wish all would do the same.

The sum total of this is though that I've undertaken far too little of my own work, and spent far too much time dealing with comments, which, as I note, have added far too little in terms of value to debate, understanding, or the general well-being of those who wish to use this blog.

Since I cannot at this moment fulfil my obligations to undertake work and deal with those comments I have therefore, regretfully, decided for the time being to turn the option to comment off. I simply cannot try to do everything, and this is the best option I have available to me.

I offer my apologies to those for whom this might be annoying, but this activity is done as just one small part of my work, and I cannot give several hours to it each day, which is what it is demanding at present. There are, quite simply, better things to do right now, but if and when I catch up with them I may well restore the option to comment.

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