Proposal for Jersey to be able to register large ships

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Jersey's desperate attemtps to sell any form of legislation it can offer continue with a plan to set up a register for commercial shipping, according to the BBC.

It's got a new flag to let it do this:


What really amused me about the story though was this:

The Red Ensign conference in May brings together the 13 Crown dependencies and overseas territories that can register vessels under the Red Ensign flag.

Government delegates from the Falkland islands, Bermuda and the British Virgin islands will be in Jersey for the event at the Hotel L'Horizon.

They will be joined by representatives from the UK Department of Transport, the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and the Ministry of Justice.

Also on the agenda is the risk of piracy on the high seas and the carriage of firearms aboard registered vessels.

Jersey and piracy? Surely, no link? Is there?

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