It’s not OK – we don’t have tsunamis – we have tidal surges

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I have noticed that UK discussion on the threat from nuclear power in the wake of the Japanese crisis concentrates on reactor design. I have yet to see discussion of the combination of environmental threat combining with nuclear risk creating a UK crisis.

But it could, very easily. I have always found it bizarre, for example, tat the UK has two nuclear power stations at Sizewell. Sizewell is next to Dunwich - once a major East Anglian town, now lost under the sea due to coastal erosion and sea surges.

Sea surges are predictable in the UK. The last was in 2007. The last major one was in 1953. The impact then was above 5 metres in places.

Is Sizewell able to take that impact? I don't know. But candidly - I doubt it, and always have. Canute failed. I don't see how modern nuclear engineers can succeed in stopping the sea either.

This is not just an issue for Japan.

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