Mitchell on Cameron

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David Mitchell in the Observer:

Cameron also doesn't realise, or is wilfully ignoring, how important our large and basically effective bureaucracy is to our place in the front rank of free nations. Without the civil service, acts of Parliament are only words and elections just millions of little slips of paper, like they are in Afghanistan. Civil servants don't merely oil the wheels, they're the axles that join them. Without them David Cameron and his policies would be no more a government than Ian Hislop sitting in a field being sarcastic would be an episode of Have I Got News For You.

Mitchell is right.

Cameron not only does not undertsand government.

Cameron does not undertsand failings are politician's fault - his inlcuded.

And Cameron does not appreciate civil servants are just that.

Mitchell clearly thinks Cameron is more than a fool.

I agree. This is not foolish. It's wanton, deliberate abuse.

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