Letwin said he wanted to destroy the NHS in 2004 – and that’s what the Tories are doing

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Full marks to those who spotted this in the Independent in June 2004:

Oliver Letwin has reportedly told a private meeting that the "NHS will not exist" within five years of a Conservative election victory.

The Shadow Chancellor said that the health service would instead be a "funding stream handing out money to pay people where they want to go for their healthcare", according to a member of the audience.

The remarks, which have been furiously denied by Mr Letwin, were last night seized on by Labour as evidence of the Tories' true intentions towards the NHS.

It is not disputed that Mr Letwin met a gathering of construction industry representatives in his constituency of Dorset West on 14 May. During the meeting he urged the group of around six local businessmen to work together to win contracts for a new PFI hospital to be built in Dorchester.

Mr Letwin then astonished his audience, however, by saying that within five years of a Conservative election victory "the NHS will not exist anymore", according to one of those who were present.

This is exactly what the Tories are now doing.

They are seeking to ensure that the NHS does not exist.

And in the process of assisting a few to make private profit they're going to be destroying the well being of the vast majority of people in these country.

But most especially the well being of the old, the vulnerable, the disabled and disadvantaged.

And it's all a matter of choice. None of this is necessary.

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