As the Middle East strives for freedom we move to rule by an elite

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Isn't it odd? The Middle East is seeing mass uprisings to demand work, democracy, accountability, the end of elites, the prevention of economic abuse by a few of the many.

At the same time David Cameron is offering unemployment, the end of the democratic control of public services, rule by a commercial elite and the capyure of the revenues of our state by a tony minority to ensure their own enrichment.

How long before people here will occupy Parliament Square and say enough is enough until this threat to our way of life is eliminated? I'm not sure it will be that long because in his planned sell off of public services he is relying on European competition law (how perverse) to ensure that this is a one way street - from which he thinks there will be no way back.

Have no mistake about it - what Cameron wants to deny for good is democratic choice. Labour has a duty to oppose - completely and utterly.