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For those in London this weekend there is a conference that looks worth attending. Hosted by Ken Livingstone on Saturday at Congress house, Great Russell Street, London WC1B 3LS, the conference will include a broad range of progressive politicians, leading economists, anti-cuts campaigns and activists on the economic and social alternatives to the ideologically driven Tory Government cuts that will make hundreds of thousands of people redundant and decimate our civil society.

Speaking on the economic alternatives to the Tory cuts will be leading economist Victoria Chick, Emeritus Professor at the University of London and economic commentator Duncan Weldon, economic blogger Mick Burke and Sinead Pentony, Head of Policy of Irish think-tank TASC who will look at the lessons from the Irish cuts agenda.
The broad range of representatives from the anti-cuts movements includes: Len McCluskey, Gen Sec Elect, Unite; Frances O'Grady, TUC Deputy Gen Sec; Clifford Singer, False Economy; Daniel Garvin, UK Uncut; Mark Wallinger, Artist, Save the Arts.
The leading role that students and young people have played in opposing the cuts will be a key theme with speakers including: Kanja Sesay, NUS • Jody McIntyre, journalist • Josie Long, comedian • Laurie Penny, Journalist • Christine Quigley, London Young Labour • James Mills, Save EMA • Mary Robertson, SOAS Occupation • Cat Smith, Compass Youth • Aaron Kiely, Kent Occupier • Conrad Landin, blogger.
The conference will also address the impacts of cuts on women, saving the arts, progressive policies for housing and transport, defending trade union rights, London's environmental polices, tackling racism, international justice and much more.
A full list of speakers and sessions visit
And no, for the record, I won't be there. I have family commitments, elsewhere.