The Institute for Fiscal Studies reveals its Deep Blue Budget

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From the Guardian this morning:

"Having set out his fiscal consolidation plan, it is important that chancellor George Osborne resist the temptation to engage in any significant net giveaway in the budget," the IFS said in its green budget, produced jointly with Barclays Capital and Barclays Wealth and published this morning.

I think the identity of the sponsors says it all in this case.

That and the fact that the Institute for Fiscal Studies is, of course, inextricably linked to the Oxford Centre for the Non-Taxation of Business.

Neoliberals to the core, all of them, and utterly indifferent to a) reasoning b) rationality c) the reality of the economy d) the needs of real people e) the reality of democratic politics.

Update: I gather the IFS backed off from the harsh line of its backers when presenting its report. At least Stephanies Flanders (not wholly objective as a former IFS insider) said so on her blog.