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Vince Cable was on Question Time last night. He’s still not looking comfortable in his role, and his rhetoric came in for criticism, especially if it was just headline grabbiong.

So it’s odd to see I agree with this comment from the Torygraph for a change:

Vince Cable’s job is not to knock capitalism but to take a critical look at the way British business works within a global market and find ways of encouraging long-term investment and sound management. Because, heaven knows,  the gap left by declining public sector employment is going to be extremely hard to fill . This means a lot of detailed work on dull areas of tax and accounting policy which won’t grip party members at conference. But I hope that is what he will now get on with doing.

I suspect the Torygraph and I profoundly disagree on what the accounting and tax changes needed are. But they’re definitely required.

But so too is a lot of state spending. Tinkering with the rules won’t save us from recession. Only spending will.

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