Cuts will kill children

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My local paper has reported:

Speed cameras across Norfolk are set to be switched off as a cost-cutting measure. Councillors approved plans to withdraw the budget for the safety devices at a meeting of the environment, transport and development scrutiny panel meeting today at County Hall in Norwich.

This would mean that all fixed speed cameras would be turned off or removed and that mobile enforcement vans would also be taken out of service.

Police officers would retain the authority to stop and charge speeders, but with the force also facing cuts it is unclear what level of enforcement they would be able to provide.

In a report to councillors, director of environment, transport and development, Mike Jackson, admitted that traffic speeds would be likely to increase without speed cameras and that “more people may be killed or seriously injured in the county”.

In effect, at the behest of the Taxpayer’s Alliance and their lunatic friends in the ConDem government all regulation of traffic speed has ended in Norfolk.

Children on their way to school will die as a result.

More people will die in accidents as a result.

The demand on the NHS will rise as a result.

But libertarian driven cuts demand that we have the right to drive recklessly so we can kill.

This is sick. No other word describes it adequately.

I hope those councillors who voted in favour are forced to attend the funerals of those who will die as a result of their decision.

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