Unenlightened thinking:

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Unenlightened class rhetoric from the Telegraph:

There can be no conciliation — no meeting halfway — with people who are completely at cross purposes. The militant voices at the TUC conference and, depressingly, even most of the supposedly moderate ones, were not in the same game as us. They do not want to make the free-market system work more fairly or more mercifully. They do not want to make it work at all. They actually believe that the need for real wealth creation is a myth: that money (as Marx held) is simply a “relation” and that you can expand its supply infinitely to provide unending jobs and services, without any consequences.

The Labour Party is about to decide which side of this argument it is on: is it going to help build a more conscientious free-market economy, or to join with those who want to undermine it?

Subtle, eh?

And so wildly wrong. But that never worried the neo-cons.

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