The cost of privatising education

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The overarching ConDem belief is that the state cannot do things as well as the private sector.

They're wrong, of course. The private sector is great — but the sad fact is that for the last thirty years it’s been largely bereft of really big ideas (even the internet started in the public sector) — and has in the main concentrated on catching public revenue for private gain.

The consequence has been inflation in the cost of many fundamentals, which moves such services beyond the reach of some — if not many — who would benefit from them. The following graph is indicative of this, showing inflation in the cost of a university education in the US from  1979 to 2010, with comparators:


The bottom line is the average wage.

The top line shows that university education is being priced out of the reach of families on average wages.

Is that a chance? I don’t think so. I think that’s deliberate. I think this is the ConDem’s policy too — to deliberately widen the wealth and opportunity gap in the UK. Would you expect anything else from such an elitist government?

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