Land of hope and glory? Who are you kidding?

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I watched the last night of the proms last night — as I have on the equivalent evening for more than 40 years. Several things struck me.

First — how much we owe to the BBC — and its public funding. What chance Sky would have ever created something so good?

Second, that viola piece by Vaughan Williams is a ‘must have’ to add to my collection.

Third — how incongruous the singing of ‘Land of hope and glory’ was.

That’s not what we live in. The ConDems have reduced us to a land of fear. Bankers to a land of shame.

‘Land of fear and shame’ it is then.

What a sorry state we’ve reached.

But there are ways out. Thankfully. And that’s what this blog is, in no small part about these days. Recreating hope when the ConDems have sought to eliminate all cause for it.

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