Cuts WILL hit the poorest hardest

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I’m often asked why I am so sure George Osborne wants a recession. My answer is in a new TUC report (with which I have no other association), which has been reported as follows in the Guardian:

The coalition's spending cuts will hit the poorest in society 10 times harder than the richest as the health, social and education services they rely on are slashed, an extensive new study for the Trades Union Congress has found. The TUC general secretary, Brendan Barber, says the research proves that the Conservatives are breaching their election promise to introduce cuts fairly.

In other words, the gap between rich and poor will increase.

The poorest will have all element of choice removed from their lives.

The rich will feel richer.

And they will be able to command labour for less.

And yes, that’s what I think Osborne wants.

And yes, that’s why I think he wants a recession. It suits him and his friends very nicely to have one.

The study is out tomorrow.

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