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It’s boring to come back to the subject of comments again, but it seems I must.

It was claimed by someone yesterday that my moderation policy means that all the interesting discussion on what I write takes place on other sites. I checked one such site that was named β€” to discover that the same ten or so names that appear time and again here appear there β€” as they do on Comment is Free and on their own right wing libertarian blogs.

Let me make my position abundantly clear: libertarianism of the form that these people promote is intended to be and would be abusive of the majority in society. Of that I have no doubt. And please note, this abuse will be  by intent, not as an unfortunate  consequence. In that case, I don’t think these discussions are interesting. Nor, I am quite sure, do most people who read this site. The fact that it seems that ten or so names dominate all the discussion on these issues over many sites suggests that it is a minority activity undertaken outside the mainstream by what I will politely call enthusiasts, who have little or no relationship to the reality of UK political debate.

I am continually encouraged by the engagement of the mainstream of UK and international politics with this site and what I, the Tax Justice Network, the Task Force on Financial Integrity and Economic Development and others have to say.

I do not have time to engage with those who want to engage in irrelevant discussion, often asking me to repeat endlessly what I have already written and which they could find for themselves if they so wished, suggesting their action is deliberately time wasting. So I will be enforcing the moderation policy whenever I think this is happening more rigidly now. Quite simply, I have better things to do. Comment that adds to debate or informs will always be allowed. When it wanders off that line it will be deleted. Please don’t waste time trying to post it in that case. 

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