Hague: bullied by the far-right blogosphere

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I have blogged, quite often of late, on the bullying abuse of the right wing blogosphere.

Now it’s public. Guido Fawkes — a man who has made more than the odd pop at me in his time — has sought to ‘out’ William Hague.

Now don’t get me wrong — I’ve no reason to support Hague (although I suspect he would be an amusing dinner party guest) but this treatment of him by those who are supposedly among his more natural supporters is telling.

First I suspect it is profoundly homophobic. I despise that.

Second it is straightforwardly nasty. Suppose such an affair had occurred? So what is the question? Would he be the first or last minister to lack such judgment? Of course not.

Third — yes — without doubt there is good question about whether Hague needed a third, inexperienced special adviser — but did the question need to be asked with innuendo attached? No, of course not.

So I don’t dispute questioning on the political issue. But as ever the right wing have gone way beyond that. They are playing the man in quite unseemly fashion.

Don’t tell me this isn’t old fashioned bullying of the lowest order — because that is exactly what it is.

And don’t tell me it isn’t aimed at the whole instrument of government which they so despise — because it is.

The sooner the press appreciate the corrosive impact of these people the better, because they seek to udnermine democracy itself.

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