Moderation in the next few weeks

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It has been one heck of a week. One successful parliamentary debate. I’ve met about 45 MPs. One report on VAT published. Country-by-country reporting has made big progress. And more besides.

The result is though I am behind with work. Something has to give. That may well be comments on this blog over the next few weeks. They take a lot of time. And it’s time I haven’t got right now, so if your comment takes time to be posted, I apologise in advance. I will not be paying them as much attention as usual.

And if I delete it then it will be because I will be applying the moderation policy strictly – and the usual libertarian nonsense that passes for comment will be deleted, without conscience because let’s face it, much that many people seek to say here say is adequately addressed by this video.

Or, as one Guardian columnist put it to me this week (and I’ve tidied the language a bit for the sake of saving blushes):

I write my stuff and never look at it again. I never, ever read the comments on the web. Finding the few that are worthwhile could never justify the effort.

I have some sympathy with that. As I also do with the discussion I heard on Radio 4 today suggesting that unless a person uses their real name to comment ion a blog – and gives some evidence to a moderator that it really is their real name – why let them comment anyway? I suspect that would be just as onerous as hitting the delete button. But I’ll muse on it. When I get the time.