Delivering the counter argument

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I loved the honesty of this comment on this bog:

I’m not an economist but I’m trying to learn what I can. All of you who want to make a better world have to get out there, start treading around the Skeptics in The pub meetings, community groups interested in the environment, charities, anywhere and everywhere, bringing on the young graduates in economics and politics with you as you go. I want to see a loud counter argument to what has been going on, to what has been damaging my future, I want to be educated as a voter, as a citizen. But I’m not getting it on the internet, I’m not getting it on the TV or the radio and I’m not in London. You guys need to get out, across the country and start talking.

The scientists are getting out there, communicating with the public and you all need to do the same.


I promise — that’s what I intend to do.

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