Why did Alan Budd go?

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Sir Alan Budd has quit the Office for Budget Responsibility and left George Osborne’s Treasury in a shambles.

First David Laws. Now Sir Alan. Watch out Danny Alexander —= it can’t be long.

But there will be a difference in each case. Laws want because he was unethical. Alexander will go because he’s clueless. Budd? He’s gone because, I suggest, he just couldn’t face the disaster he’s seeing unfolding before his eyes.

You only need an iota of economic understanding to realise what Osborne is doing ahs no economic justification at all, is pure, nasty social engineering and is intended to crush most in society for a generation to come.

Budd has an iota of economic understanding. And he’s gone.

Was he pushed? I can’t for one minute imagine it.

So he went — because he did not believe the unemployment figures? Because he believed Osborne is pursuing an agenda that makes no sense? Because he believes cuts won’t work? All three? I don’t know yet. But I suspect the last.

The shambles is developing faster than I ever expected.

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