Laws to get rid of #3: higher rate pension relief

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The ConDem government has launched a new web site — called Your Freedom — that is dedicated, it says, to scrapping unnecessary laws.

I think there are a considerable number of laws that threaten my future liberty by preventing the collection of proper taxation payments from those who owe them, so meaning I and the rest of the population of this country will have to suffer cuts in services we can ill afford. I’ve already suggested a couple; here’s my next.

I’d simply abolish higher rate tax relief for pensions.

let’s be honest — pensions are just a savings scheme. That’s it: no more, or less. And it beats me why the savings of most of the richest in society (and I know about the new cap for the very wealthy) should be subject to double the rate of tax relief as all the rest in society — especially when it is estimated that this costs at least £9 billion a year.

When austerity is needed the savings of the rich do not subsidy. This is one law that definitely needs to be axed.

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