Laws to get rid of: #1 the domicile rule

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The ConDem government has launched a new web site — called Your Freedom — that is dedicated, it says, to scrapping unnecessary laws.

Well, I have a few that seriously restrict my rights, freedoms and liberties I would definitely like to get rid of.

I’ll be listing a number of suggestions over coming days. If anyone would like to submit them to the new web site, please feel free to do so.

So let’s start with law number 1 to get rid of: the domicile rule. As I showed in 2007, this law then cost the UK up to £4 billion in lost tax revenue a year. It’s been reformed slightly since then, meaning some non-doms now have to pay for the privilege of using the tax exemption it allows. But it still must cost us £3 billion a  year.

That’s money we need to preserve our services and our liberties.

This is a law that has to go.

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