The Isle of Man is hurting – and so it should

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BBC News - UK budget cuts 'hurting Isle of Man'.

The BBC reports:

The Isle of Man government feels bruised, as if it has been kicked around unthinkingly by Whitehall.

"The Isle of Man is part of the British economy," the Chief Minister Tony Brown tells me defiantly.

"We might not be part of the United Kingdom, but a considerable amount of the money we earn and spend is spent via the UK.

"We are a benefit to the UK, not a drain."

This is absoluttely absurd. Tax abuses sponsored by the Isle of Man were costing the UK at least £1.5 billion a year until the VAT subsidy was withdrawn. That means they are still having impact way beyond the total government income in the Isle of Man.

If the Isle of Man wants to stop hurting stop being a tax haven. The option is there's to take. But when you set out to undermine the government of another state - and that is what the Isle of Man conciously set out to do - don't expect any sympathy in return.

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