Time everyone paid their fair share of tax

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Time everyone paid their fair share of tax | Business | The Observer .

That's the headline in the business columns of the Observer, relaunched today.

Ruth Sunderland says:

In praise of paying tax. Now there's a controversial idea in a country like the UK that is in thrall to the tax avoidance industry, as we explore [today].

As she concludes

Paying tax has terrible PR. But it is actually a good thing to pay the right amount of tax. It is also a good thing when the economic substance of a taxpayer's affairs reflects the picture they have painted to the Revenue and not some sham structure.

The contempt for taxpaying of the past few decades has gone hand in hand with greater inequality, strained public services and an unthinking faith in the market, ideas that are now discredited. As we head towards an election, it's time for a new way of thinking.

Can't think who she was talking to on Friday afternoon...

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