NHS agency staff spending ‘soars’

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BBC News - NHS agency staff spending 'soars' amid funding fears.

NHS spending on agency staff has soared in recent years, amid signs permanent posts are being frozen as the service braces itself for a squeeze on funding.

Spending on temps by hospitals and NHS trusts responsible for community services hit almost £1.3bn in England last year - a 60% rise in two years.

Temps do not make sense: there is no continuity, no loyalty, no development, no relationship: all the things that add value in a good employee relationship.

So why use them? Because of the fear of cuts meaning full time posts are frozen but the need remains.

The Tories are criticising this. But until they tell hospitals to close their doors to the sick what do they propose to do about it? You can't provide services without cash. And the reality is we can afford these services. So why not have them?

George Osborne please note.