Crass comment of the year?

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RBS chief blasts 'politicisation' of bank | Business | .

This one stands high on the list of nominations for crass comment of the year:

The chief executive of Royal Bank of Scotland today attacked the "politicisation" of the bank as it emerged that a new multimillion-pound salary package was being devised for him and his boardroom colleagues, despite the political furore over bankers' pay.

It proves, first, they still don't get it and, second, just how short the memory of bankers is: his bank is all about politics now, It's nationalised for a start.

The comment is so stupid that it makes you realise everything else bankers say must be doubted.

The truth is they really are only making money by looting. Their targets are the Treasury or pension funds. Either way society pays.

And that's why the attack on banking is the right thing to do. We can do without much of what they do. As indeed we did until a decade or so ago.