Moody’s sees no threat to UK top rating

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Moody's sees no threat to UK top rating | Reuters .

After all the bulls**t from the City, top lawyers, the Big 4 and the Tories over the last couple of days on how the UK will never be able to sell its debt we get this news today:

HONG KONG (Reuters) - The top sovereign credit ratings of Britain and the United States are not under threat of a downgrade right now, but a worst case scenario foresees a cut by 2013, analysts from Moody's Investors Service said on Friday.

The comments, which reiterated an analysis from the ratings agency released on Tuesday, helped to lift the pound to session highs.

In other words, the management of the economy is just fine right now in the circumstances that are being faced.

There is no need for further cuts.

There is no reason to increase interest rates.

The rating agencies are confident UK gilts can be sold.

And the entire scare programme of the City and Tories is complete myth based on fear and no analysis. And the entire Tory strategy of cuts, cuts and more cuts supposedly to prevent such a downgrading but which is actually intended to destroy the welfare state is shown as political warfare against the majority to suit the minority.

Now, shall we, as I said earlier this morning:

Keep calm

Carry on

Because that is what the economy needs and that is what the government is delivering.

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