UK a ‘Robber baron state’

Posted on news - 'Robber baron state' accusation from MHK.

A member of the House of Keys has described the United Kingdom's decision to slash the Isle of Man's revenue from VAT as 'the actions of a robber baron state'.

North Douglas MHK Bill Henderson said it was 'unprecedented' for one nation to reduce another's income by a fifth, and questioned the human rights implications of the move.

Interesting suggestion when the UK was providing a massive subsidy without obligation for years to a place where people have a higher GDP per head than the UK itself.

And an interesting idea from a place that has specialised in facilitating tax evasion and avoidance, much of it perpetrated on the UK.

But I guess the importance of running credible tax systems in which people have to pay their way might now dawn on members of the Tynwald. At least, I can hope.

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