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This lays bare the human crisis. What a terrible time to be young and jobless | Comment is free | The Guardian .

Peter Mandelson has been busy in recent days trumpeting the fruits of the government's economic stimulus. Yesterday's unemployment data, however, delivers a stark message to the business secretary, to Gordon Brown and to Alistair Darling: you are not doing enough.

That's Danny Blanchflower.

He's been consistently right.

Like me he thinks 4 million unemployed plauisble - especially if the Tories deliver on their promosed cuts in government spending.

There is only one possible policy option now: the government must spend more.

I have shown it pays.

Now lets do it. We need a Green New Deal, now and we've already waited too long to get going.

We owe it to one million young people - and the rest of us.

And have no doubt we can afford it. The only thing we cannot afford is inaction and the utterly irresponsible talk from the Institute for Fiscal Studies and the Tories about cuts in government spending.