Tax Justice Network: Lies, damned lies and tax haven nonsense

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Tax Justice Network: Lies, damned lies and tax haven nonsense.

John Christensen has had enough of tax haven abuse of the word 'transparent'.

So have I. I get very irritated every time I hear cayman claim it is transparent.

Let's be clear: getting information out of Cayman is nigh on impossible. How is that transparent? It's about as transparent as a brick wall.

Which reminds me of my six year old son's favourite joke at the moment:

What invention let's you see through walls?


A window

That's what we need Cayman: windows. Big ones, with glass in them, and which open so we come in and get what we need.

You haven't got them. You've only got bricks. So, with all due respect, stop talking about being transparent when it is glaringly obvious that you are anything but.

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