Is there no depth to which Barclays will not sink?

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I admit this is probably not news to those who read this blog, but the Observer reports today:

Barclays bank is playing a lead role in the establishment of a tax haven in Ghana, in a move that could see huge mineral wealth in west Africa vanish into it from poverty-stricken countries' coffers, the Observer can reveal.

The controversial British lender has for the last four years worked closely with the Ghanian government to start an International Financial Services Centre offering low taxes and minimal financial disclosure.

Development charities fear that the establishment of a fully operating tax haven so close to oil- and mineral-rich countries such as Nigeria, Sierra Leone and Equatorial Guinea will encourage a rapid increase in tax and capital flight.

We have proven time and again that tax havens cost lives. It is beyond doubt that they facilitate corruption, crime and tax evasion thought the secrecy they supply.

And yet here is Barclays trying to develop another one.

Goes Barclays have any moral compass of any sort at all?

And if not, shouldn’t one be imposed upon it?

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