What I want from the budget

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Having derided what KPMG wants from the Budget I guess it’s only fair that I publish my own wish list:

  1. A Green New Deal;
  2. A General Anti-Avoidance Principle in UK tax law;
  3. Minimum tax rates for those earning over £100,000, rising with income so that at £250,000 45% would equal 45% tax on all income, with no allowances given;
  4. National insurance on all investment income over £5,000 pa excluding pensioners;
  5. Capital gains taxed as income;
  6. Aggressive action from the Foot Commission on tax havens including sanctions on all UK dependent states that do not do full information exchange under the EU Savings Tax Directive;
  7. A requirement that the accounts of all companies that are members of multinational groups that are filed with tax returns include those group accounts stated on a country by country basis, including intra-group transactions;
  8. End of the domicile rule – funds to child poverty.
  9. Ending of the tax office closure programme and increased vigilance in tax collection.

I’m sure I could refine it a bit. That will do for starters. No time to do links.

I’m not holding my breath.