The privilege of tax

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I’m sure it’s against the rules to reproduce three letters from the Guardian in a day, but I had a hand in two and I can’t resist this one because of the sheer abundant relevance of much (most) of it:

Three cheers for Peter Wilby's timely call for a radical reform of the tax system, and not least for an end to the myth, so convenient to high earners, that progressive taxation is a disincentive to effort and innovation. And while we're about it, why not ditch the negative concept of taxation as a "burden" and talk about "the privilege of taxation" instead? I'm quite sure that those of us at or below the average income of around £23,000 a year would be delighted to be taxed at 50% if our taxable incomes were more than £50,000 a year, never mind the government's rather pathetic 45% for incomes over £150,000. It's time our highly paid politicians got real.
Peter Wrigley
Birstall, Yorkshire