70% support tax crackdown

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A YouGov poll commissioned by the pressure group Compass has demonstrated overwhelming public support for the government to close in on personal tax avoidance which is estimated loses up to £15BN of public money each year.

The results reveal that 77% indicated they agree that the government should do everything it can to close this £15 billion gap lost through personal tax avoidance.

In further support of the Compass call for greater tax fairness in the 2009 Budget:

  - 71% agree with a new wealth tax on earnings above £250,000;
  - 61% agree that the Government should break its 2005 manifesto commitment not to increase any rates of income tax and immediately introduce a new top rate of income tax for all those earning above £100,000 per year;
  - 52% agree with a new tax on all bonuses above £1000.

With the financial crisis and with public borrowing rising fast the poll results pile even more pressure on the Chancellor of the Exchequer Alistair Darling and embattled Prime Minister Gordon Brown to ensure the government delivers greater tax fairness in the forthcoming Budget and therefore that any necessary tax increases are imposed on the very wealthy.

Gavin Hayes General Secretary of Compass said

There can be no turning back to the pre-crash tax system, this poll vindicates what we’d thought all along, delivering greater tax justice is both radical and popular: whether it’s closing in on personal tax avoidance, introducing a new wealth tax on those earning over £250K, immediately introducing a new top rate of tax on all those earning over £100K or a new tax on bonuses, these are just the sort of measures the government needs if it is to win back voters. The Chancellor must now demonstrate he’s on the side of the many not the few, it’s time he stood up, took decisive action and made sure the wealthy pay their fair share.

He’s right.