Swiss bankers

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An Italian paper has reported that (and I quote in Google translation):

Two known entrepreneurs [in] Palermo and a senior official of a bank in Lugano (based in Italy) ended up in handcuffs for money laundering from illegal activities. Precautionary measures were carried out by the Directorate investigation Antimafia siciliama in Palermo and Milan ... into alleged affiliated to the Mafia.

The two entrepreneurs are Francis and Ignatius Zummo, father and son, accused of heading fictitious assets. They invested large sums of money abroad, with the complicity of the manager of the [bank]t. This is the co-director of Arner Bank of Lugano: Nicola Bravetti, 55 years. He is a member, inter alia, an association of Swiss interbank for combating money laundering. [He] is now under house arrest.

The money went to the Bahamas.

Swiss bankers: suppliers of corruption services.