Tax Havens: The Great Escape

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For those in France, and who can speak French this is advance notice that "Tax Havens: The Great Escape" - a production by Capa Presse TV is to be broadcast on TF2 (equivalent of BBC2) on 15 May. As their press release says:

The world has never been so awash with riches. Sales of luxury goods are beating all records, and the number of millionaires rockets skywards. On the other hand, public deficits are accumulating to a dangerous extent. But where has all the wealth of our nations gone? This question has been worrying me as a citizen, and is the subject of this film. I discovered that huge sums have been transferred to the little tax-free nations: the tax havens. As a result of financial market globalization, over $11 trillion are now held offshore. Directed by Frederic Brunnquel

I'm pleased to have contributed to this programme. I admit though - my bit is in English.