ITN Tonight: Tonight’s programme on HMRC

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INT Tonight is running an anti HM Revenue & Customs propaganda programme tonight.

I know this is true. When they were researching this programme I was rung by ITN. They'd been told by a lot of accountants that they had to speak to me. But ITN were horrified to find that whilst I would say that HMRC need to make a lot of changes in the way they work, they do also collect vast amounts of tax with extraordinary overall efficiency, correctly for the vast majority of people and with an error rate that is much lower than normal human capacity for messing up would predict possible.

In other words, I sought to offer a balanced opinion. The plus and the minus. They made it abundantly clear that they did not want that opinion.

I'm not on the programme.

From press previews I suspect it's complete misinformation.

Mike Warburton is in it. 'Nuff said.