How people get money into Liechtenstein

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Forbes has a good article on this today. I admit I recognise quite a lot of what is said. What is interesting is that Forbes says:

What of the full-trained accountants, lawyers and bankers who live and work in these havens and allow such funds to be passed through? In many cases they simply don't ask the right questions. In others, as U.S. Senator Carl Levin described it his introduction to the "Stop the Tax Haven Act" in Feb. 2007, their eyes simply "glaze over" at the complexity of it all.

Fortunately, complexity can be picked apart, and renewed political support from the likes of Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel and Senator Levin, along with new research from lobbyists and organizations like the OECD, may manage to put a chink in the armor of ever-secretive Liechtenstein over the coming weeks.

Good to have such comment under their editorial banner. The times, they are a-changing.

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