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St Pancras is an example of just how badly the private sector can do things in the UK.

A couple of weeks ago I went to Paris by Eurostar from Waterloo. The station was more than adequate, Everything I might need was there.

I've been in Brussels the last couple of days. St Pancras is dire. The station has opened but is bare, empty, lifeless. It might have gloss, but where is the bustle that once made this a grand place? It is genuinely the closest thing to a morgue I've been into for a long time. And who on earth put in a twenty foot statue that you cannot stand back and appreciate?

Worse, why are none of the shops open? That's just madness in terms of project scheduling. It looks and feels like a failing shopping centre in an old mining town right now.

And as for the departure lounge, if the station is a morgue then this is the crypt. It has one coffee shop, one very mediocre and unnamed tat shop and no bureau de change. What sort of service is that meant to be? If anyone even wants a cash machine they have to be sent onto the Euston Road.

The trains might be running but St Pancras is not open and is not fit for business.

Crazy. Welcome to the UK.

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