Man bit dog

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The public have more sense than politicians.

And for all the newspaper furore about the possible loss of some basic pretty data on 25 million people by HM Revenue & Customs I note that Accountancy Age reports:

The phone lines at HM Revenue & Customs were only a little busier than normal today, a spokesman said, as the expected deluge of calls about HMRC's loss of 25 million people's personal data failed to materialise.

'Callers to the helpline may have to wait a little longer for a reply, but we still have surplus capacity to answer calls,' an HMRC spokesman said.

Quite. The data loss dimension of this story is about as big as "Man bit dog".

Now let's talk about HM Revenue & Customs staffing. That's the real deal here. Good public services require and demand sufficient well paid, high quality, appropriately trained staff to supply them. Those who are now complaining are precisely those who want to deny the public sector the resources it needs to deliver the absolutely fundamental services it supplies that make this country work.

So let me be quite emphatic about this: they can't have it both ways.

I sincerely hope someone in the government has the gumption to say so.