Accountancy Age Awards – Best use of a blog 2007

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I always think it's a little vain when people self promote themselves for winning awards. But since this is something which I am genuinely unaccustomed at I'm going to do it anyway.

Accountancy Age has an annual award ceremony. I didn't go this week, I admit, although I have been in the past. But I was surprised to find that Editor Damian Wild picked this blog for a special award for 2007 - for best use of a blog by a member of the profession. He said:

Compared to other business fields there is a dearth of decent accountancy blogs out there. However, the best (and best focused) by a distance is that of tax campaigner Richard Murphy. He's embraced the medium to great effect and has carved out a role for himself as the profession's most effective opposition party.

I admit, I am pleased. And since I had not prepared a speech I'll just do the decent thing and say thanks, and leave it at that.