Rober Zoellick – getting the World Bank back in action

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The FT notes that:

Robert Zoellick on Wednesday set out his vision for the World Bank as a "catalyst" for private and public action to extend

It added that:

Mr Zoellick said it was the bank's mission to overcome obstacles to inclusion in the world economy and allow what Oxford University professor Paul Collier called the "bottom billion" to share in its benefits.


He said inclusive globalisation was not just a moral imperative but a "matter of self-interest" for citizens of the rich world. He embraced the Millennium Development Goals as "our goals" and made it clear they could not be achieved without many billions of dollars in extra aid.

He said:

We should be expanding the frontiers of thinking about policy and markets, pioneering new possibilities, not just recycling the passably proven

Tackling tax and tax haven abuse is a key element in that.

All of this though is a massive change from the recent past.

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