When the world lives in fear of progressive taxes

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The was an article in the Polish press yesterday with the title:

Poland's progressive tax system could alienate investors

As the story said:

Finance experts and business people are pointing out that Poland is surrounded by countries with low, flat tax rates. If Polish governments refuse to grasp the nettle and lower tax, investment might just head abroad.

The pressure, of course, comes from the so called 'flat tax' states - so called because they are nothing of the sort.

But who were the 'finance experts'? Why, KPMG (of course):

"If ]Poland] doesn't introduce it, the country lose the foreign investment battle, we'll be less and less competitive", Peter Kay, financial expert from KPMG, a worldwide consultancy was quoted in Poland's Dziennik daily.

As the senior prime minister rightly said though:

Flat tax works like a counter Robin Hood: takes away from the poor to give to the rich

Which is, of course why progressive taxation is essential. But do KPMG care about that? Not one bit. They'll whistle all the way to the destruction of social justice.