What have Indonesia and Guernsey got in common?

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According to Yahoo:

Indonesia plans to reopen a corruption investigation into the youngest son of former dictator Suharto, the attorney general's office said Monday.

Tommy Suharto has so far escaped trial over allegations that he corruptly amassed millions of dollars during the three decades that his father ruled Indonesia with an iron fist.

Where are the millions stashed? Well. according to the report:

The government is also attempting to seize millions of dollars in a bank account belonging to Tommy in the island of Guernsey, a British tax haven.

I sometimes wish corruption stories avoided the suggestion that the UK's Crown Dependencies facilitate corruption and money laundering. But a substantial number do. Which makes nonsense of the recent claims by both Jersey and Guernsey that they want nothing to do with such business. It's clear that their bankers (who may well be your bankers) do want cash from wherever it comes.

That's why I don't trust the words of the politicians from these islands. They're either not telling the truth or they're turning a blind eye to the reality of what is happening in their jurisdictions. Neither option is attractive.