What is the Tax Justice Network?

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The Tax Justice Network has just issued a revised version of its mission statement. I thought it worth giving it some publicity:

The Tax Justice Network (TJN) promotes tax justice and tax cooperation and resists tax avoidance, tax evasion and tax competition. It operates on a not-for-profit basis by bringing together organisations, social movements and individuals working towards these goals. In an era of globalisation, the Tax Justice Network is committed to a socially just, democratic and progressive system of taxation. TJN campaigns from an internationalist perspective for a tax system which is favourable for poor people in developing and developed countries, and finances public goods and taxes harmful activities which pollute and cause unacceptable inequality. Our objectives and demands are detailed in the TJN declaration.

TJN is a pluralistic, diversified, non-governmental, non-party and multilingual network. Local, regional and national civil society and social movement organisations as well as tax justice campaigners, researchers, journalists, development specialists, trade unionists, concerned business people, tax professionals, politicians and public servants are members and supporters of the network.

TJN is campaigning for social change through public debate and education. Public understanding of tax matters is the precondition for international tax justice. The network makes information available through mass media as well as through conferences and seminars, the internet, newsletters, publications in print, symbolic actions, demonstrations and advocacy. We base our activities on expertise and sound research.

TJN facilitates co-operation, communication and information sharing between its members. Our network organises international exchange and policy debates in order to harmonise the views and concerns of our members. This process forms the basis for powerful global campaigns in international tax policy.

TJN is run by its member organisations as well as individual supporters. The network functions on the principles of participatory democracy, empowerment, transparency, accountability and equal opportunity. TJN encourages and where necessary supports member organisations and individuals to participate in the decision making. The network supports the building of national TJN campaigns in particular in developing countries. An international secretariat coordinates the network's activities.

Tax Justice Network
Essex, 2005 (as amended)