Some stories run and run

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It's good to see that some stories just run and run.

Bono's use of the Netherlands to minimise his tax bills is one of them. And it's usefully been linked to the report I co-wrote for SOMO entitled 'Is the Netherlands a tax haven?' (for the answer to which there are no prizes).

The latest major version is in the New York Times, but this one is going round the world and I've also done Bloomberg TV on it as well.

So why is that? Could it just be that people really do think there's something seriously wrong with being a do-gooder and then structuring your affairs through a tax haven? Is there in fact a moral conscience on this issue? I think that might just be the case.

And let's be candid: everyone knows that it's tax havens that let corruption happen and that corruption harms development. You really can't link the two and come up smelling of roses.