The world does not revolve around shareholders

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I've mentioned Simon Caulkin's writing here before. I will again. In considering the role of the heretic challenging the status quo with a truth that is obvious, and yet unacceptable (as Galileo did the Catholic Church) he wrote last Sunday:

Today those keeping people in 'a pearly haze of superstition' about their place in the world are the popes and cardinals of business - chief executives, investment bankers, consultants and PR and press cheerleaders, all with a vested interest in preserving the discredited belief that the shareholder is the fixed centre of the commercial solar system round which everything else - employees, customers, suppliers, society itself - revolves in orbit.

The truth is that shareholder value is obviously wrong. It's time we realised business is all about a universe of interests that do not revolve around shareholders. Business would be a lot more effective if we accepted that truth.

Read the whole piece here.