Get a life!

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Back to work (at least for an hour so) and so I had a quick look at the blog stats for the last few days. All blog owners will probably tell you this is a compulsive, if not always useful pastime.

This time though they did make for fascinating reading. Sunday (Christmas Eve) was the best Sunday for readership in this blog's history, beating all previous records by a reasonable margin.

And on Christmas Day 137 people read this blog. Frankly, I call that sad. Sad enough that I sought to find out some more about who had been pursuing such an unlikely activity on a day when I presumed people would have better things to do (and I would add in saying this that I have known what it's like to be alone at Christmas - and spent it working for Shelter driving minibuses full of drunks around London - and had a great time, for which I've always been grateful to that charity).

I was glad to know that almost none of the readers on those two days were regulars (something that the stats show although I would add I do not know who most readers actually are). In fact only two readers on Christmas day appeared to be be regulars. So, where did the rest come from? Well, almost entirely from unusual sources (which is something else I can track). In fact the regular feeds fell almost off the charts. In their place came a range of right-wing blogs. The sort that I block from posting here, and do not feed back to because I have yet to find merit in anything that they have to offer.

And what story did they link to more than any other? Well, to this one. Largely it seems because they can't work out what to make of it. Take it at face value, I suggest.

What else attracted attention? Well, one other thing stood out. Bono remains a hypocrite, and like Philip Green is now beknighted. Google sent the readers to this one.

Funny what you learn about people by having a blog.