Another Jersey myth – that their fulfilment industry competes with iTunes

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Jersey has often claimed that its on-line fulfilment industry competes with the music download market run by the likes of iTunes. This explanation is, of course, offered to divert attention from the fact that it only exists to undermine the legitimate UK on-line and retail market in CDs and DVDs.

New research from Forrester (who are well respected in this market) suggests music downloads are not a threat to CD sales after all. Internet sales of CDs are rising though. And some of this is because of the use of offshore, I suspect.

In that case it's no longer possible for Jersey to say its competing with a different market sector. As usual it's simply deceiving itself and others when making this case. The reality is that it is destroying real business, real value and real government revenue in the UK. That's not playing on a level playing field. That's providing a facility for what is tantamount to theft in my opinion.

Strong language? Maybe. But while the dividing line between evasion and avoidance is porous, and with the ECJ in its current mood, who knows if the UK's failure to tackle this abuse is legal or not right now. I doubt it is. In which case my opinion would be justified.