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When I began this blog I did not anticipate that many people would comment upon it. I also expected that those that would do so would be well known to me. As a result I opted for a light form of moderation. In effect this gave open access to regular commentators.

Now that the blog has been running for several months readership is much higher than I ever anticipated, which is welcome. The number of comments made has been higher than I expected, but based on the site statistics less than 2% of regular readers comment. The comment pages generated around 10% of traffic last week, and that was an unusually high ratio.

Most comments made have not been from supporters of the arguments I promote. That's unsurprising. Rarely have I objected to such postings. So long as they are reasoned, and are expressed in moderate language I have accepted them, even if I strongly disagree. I think that fair.

However, of late some commentators seem to have had desire to discuss the equivalent of the number of angels on a pinhead. They have in addition sought to divert the energies I have for this site, which are strictly limited. As such a few commentators are seeking to have an undue impact on the direction I take, and the way in which argument is presented. I respect the right of anyone to disagree with me, but it was not my intention when creating this site to provide a platform for those who have what might be allied, but are none the less different agendas to promote. They have clear opportunity to do so elsewhere.

I have therefore decided that in the interests of keeping this site 'on target' all comments will now be moderated. Where comment is clearly about the issues being discussed, whether the commentator seeks to agree with me or not, I will allow it be posted. Where I believe that the issue raised is likely to distract from the issues being discussed, or is misleading, or where it relates to preference in approach rather than a matter of substance then comments will be blocked. All offensive comments are blocked as a matter of course.

I trust as a result that those who do wish to comment or who wish to read the comment pages will find the opportunity more useful and focused than it has been of late.