The Washington Post gets it right

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The Washington Post editorial on 25 July was worth reading.

Bush is at it again - this time deliberately making it easier for companies that work in more than one US state to avoid their obligations to individual state governments. This is serious stuff in the US. Just in case you didn't know the whole concept of a tax haven started in the US, with Delaware in particular trailing the way.

As the Post says:

In a 50-state system and at a time when technology has facilitated companies' ability to do business in multiple jurisdictions, corporations have a legitimate interest in being shielded from burdensome taxation. It makes no sense to require a company that does little business in a particular state to go through the expense and hassle of paying state taxes. At the same time, companies that have significant operations in or economic ties to a state can fairly be asked to pay taxes on the benefits they receive from doing business there. This proposal strikes the wrong balance.

Good to see that some newspapers stick up for appropriate taxation.

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